Salam App

Salam App is a completely free, advertisement-free and privacy-oriented Islamic app that offers everyday features and functions that a Muslim needs throughout his/her day. 

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Salam Talk

Salam Talk is a Muslim discord server designed to build a positive and engaging community. We strive to ensure that we are always learning together, and often host lectures, events, Quran readings, and more. Our focus as a server is to ensure we all share a strong foundation of the basics of Islam, Allah (SWT), and Muhammad (SAW), the most essential aspects of our faith. With members often participating in meaningful discussion, there is always an interesting conversation to join!

In addition to education, we have much in the way of fun! There are many community events and activities like story tellings, show viewings, and games! We also hold many discord nitro contests and giveaways to partake in for those of you looking for a new subscription. Join and make new friends, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun!

Learn and hang out with us over at the Salam Talk discord server by clicking on the banner above!